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      General manager address

          Well-Known enterprises rapid globalization development, the increasingly strong demand for small and medium enterprises to expand overseas.In this environment, like us with limited resources of SMEs also explored a variety of overseas expansion

          SMEs in their respective fields, get their own strengths, bu lack of mastery,to achieve one-stop production and processing mode from material to finished product.Moreover, small and medium enterprises in order to own overseas development face many difficulties.But if gather the professional field of technology and Imagination together, you can play a powerful force to meet the needs of customers, to provide customers with most efficient processing and production of programs

          For this reason, we cross industry boundaries, call together many of the power of technology small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), investment to create a factory, to provide multi-species products manufacturing services company

          This model, not only can make the multi-base for the development of SMEs in overseas, and to a greater extent all possible and opportunities

          We will be holding the attitude of the convenience stores,to provide customers with the best, most practical manufacturing project

          「PMS(Parts Manufacturing Servise)」,parts EMS, Multi-species one-stop processing services

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