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      中文 | 日本語 | ENGLISH
      Company Facilities
      Surface/sewage treatment
      Pretreatment of electroplating
      Production line to removal and wash cooling oil or rust which stick to the hardening material
      Electroplating line
      Automatic production line with hanging tools
      Dehydrogenation furnace
      Removal of hydrogen brittleness continuous furnace and box furnace
      Cr passivation
      Colored (rainbow colors) chromium. Chromate film treatment
      Chemical analysis room
      Sewage treatment facilities
      Black dye production line
      Automatic production line of alkaline black handle
      The pickling automatic production line
      NC turning lathe
      Processing diesel fuel pump nipple rolling screws, bar style lathe
      Turning center
      Automatic threading production line
      SPM High hardness material roughing taps before plating for finishing machines
      TAK X-10
      Fixture specifications of the lathe. In order to reduce costs, transform and import half of new machines.
      Automatic production line for connector
      STAR turning Lathe
      The benefit is that groove of the tank and the whole processing precision cutting technology. Specifications for 3 meters long rod machine
      The production line of central axis
      The Special cutting, welding line for the production of silicon steel plate of the car ignition core parts by the linear control system to adjust the size
      Aida punching machine
      Multi-station punching machine
      (Asahi Seiki industrial manufacturing) stretch stamping machine.
      Yamada special punching machine
      SPM punching machine by Kato
      Aida 200T punching machine
      Facilities Technologies
      Technical mold equipment
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